Permanent Makeup Brows – are you suitable?

Important Considerations

  • Your appointment will be 2 to 3 hours long – please ensure you allow enough time in your day
  • No alcohol/caffeine/exercise prior to the procedure on the day of treatment to minimize any bleeding or swelling
  • Avoid heavy sweating (i.e. gym workouts) for 1 week after the appointment. Sweat is salty and can prematurely fade the treated area
  • Getting a procedure while on your menstrual cycle can make you hyper-sensitive & should be avoided
  • Retinol/Retin-A must be discontinued 10 days prior to procedure. (Key ingredients in anti-aging, pigmentation and acne medications – your skin will be more sensitive and more likely to bleed)
  • If you resume the retinols AFTER your brows have healed, it is advised to continue avoiding application over your brows in order to avoid premature fading
  • You must be off Oratane/Accutane for 1 year
  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, Omegas and/or Ibuprofen for 24 hrs prior to your procedure
  • You may take 2x Myprodol/Gen-Payne capsules one hour before the procedure to make the procedure more comfortable. Alternatively you make take panado’s
  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning 2 weeks prior and 30 days after the procedure. Do not have a tan/sunburn on your face prior to your procedure. The tan will exfoliate and fade the colour. Your skin will also be sensitive
  • If you are on antibiotics, ensure that you finish the course at least 3 days prior to your appointment
  • Absolutely NO other products on the treated area (other than the supplied cream) for 1 week i.e. no brow pencil, shadow etc, apply your moisturiser and foundation around your brows
  • Do not schedule this procedure within one week prior to a water vacation
  • No swimming/steam room/sauna for 1 week – salt water/chlorine can cause the pigments to fade/change in colour plus swimming water is not sterile
  • Tint your brows at least 1 week prior to the appointment, and wait 3 weeks after the appointment
  • Wax/tweeze/thread your brows at least 3 days before your appointment and wait 10 days after the appointment
  • Botox should be done 3 weeks before/after your brow appointment
  • Fillers should be done 6 weeks before/after your appointment
  • No intensive facial treatments (chemical peels, laser rejuvenation, needling, microdermabrasion) treatments 30 days prior/60 days after the appointment (always tell your therapist about your tattooed brows so as to avoid applying the peel too close to them – your brows will fade quicker due to the chemicals travelling under the skin)
  • Standard facials can resume 2 weeks after the treatment, but please always inform your beautician of your tattooed eyebrows
  • Some of your foundation makeup may be wiped off during the treatment, if you are self-conscious, please bring your foundation with you to reapply afterwards (around your new brows)



 You are not a suitable candidate for permanent makeup eyebrows if:

  • You are unable to adhere to the above ‘do’s and dont’s’
  • You are pregnant or nursing
  • You have any medical conditions or are on any medication that may affect your healing / compromise your immune system (a medical overview will be requested upon booking)
  • You are undergoing any medical treatments that compromise your healing / immune system e.g. chemotherapy/radiation (a medical overview will be requested upon booking)
  • There is any irritation or blemish of any kind in or around the treatment area (e.g. pimples, active cold sores, general irritation of the skin, moles or other skin imperfections) the procedure cannot be performed until the blemish or area of concern is gone/removed/healed
  • If  you have large pores or oily/severely oily skin, you are not a candidate for the Hairstroke technique and Powder technique is recommended
  • You have scar tissue from previous permanent makeup/removal, it may be difficult to implant pigment and additional sessions may be required. Your old permanent makeup must be light enough to work over. If your old PMU is very saturated, removal sessions will be required before we can begin creating your new brows
  • You do frequent peels – the brows may fade prematurely. No chemical peels 30 days prior/60 days after the appointment (always tell your therapist about your tattooed brows so as to avoid applying the peel too close to them)
  • You have a sun burnt/very tanned face – skin is too sensitive and may bleed
  • Clients with darker skin (Indian, African, etc.) must be aware that the Hairstrokes will not appear as defined as they appear on lighter skin types and Powder technique is recommended



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