Eyeliner – FAQs

What is Permanent Makeup?

  • Permanent Makeup (cosmetic tattooing) is the process of depositing pigment (colour) into the skin using a fine needle


How long is the appointment?

  • The initial appointment will take approximately 2 to 3 hours. The touch up appointment (4-6 weeks later) should be quicker but this is dependent on how much the line has faded from the first appointment and therefore how much work is required in the touch up appointment to achieve the desired result
  • Approximately the first 45 minutes of each session is consultation and pre-numbing
  • The creation of your liner (as with all permanent makeup) must be seen as a two part process as the touch up appointment WILL be required. The touch up appointment should be booked when you leave your first appointment


What are the liner options and costs?

  • Please see the Price List
  • Liners can vary in thickness depending on your preference and are charged according to the thickness, as well as area i.e. top liner/bottom liner/both


Is it painful?

  • A “ticklish” sensation is often experienced initially as you get used to the vibration of the needle
  • The area is numbed with a topical anaesthetic before we begin, and a secondary anaesthetic is used during the appointment to keep you as comfortable as possible
  • It is very important to be calm and relaxed – I will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. As much as possible, try and mentally prepare yourself that I will be working around your eye. Your relaxation is key


What are the side-effects?

  • While eyebrows may show little after effect, eyeliner may show some swelling.  This can vary dependent on the amount of work performed on the area as well as the skin type
    • During the procedure there may be some minor bleeding/bruising.  This is client specific.  Many people take blood thinners on a daily basis so slight bleeding/bruising could be expected.  Others show little or no signs of bleeding or bruising
    • There is usually some tenderness for a few days. You may need a few days afterward without social plans or strenuous activity.
    • The colour will fade and soften as it heals


What is the healing process?

Day 1-2:

  • The treated area will appear intense in colour. It is normal for colour to fade by up to 50% once healed
  • For 2 hrs post appointment, gently but firmly wipe treated area with a damp cotton pad every 30min. Use boiled & cooled, or bottled water. This is to remove lymph build up and avoid scabbing
  • Thereafter apply supplied cream – ULTRA THIN layer using an earbud (no fingers)
  • Ensure liner is always coated with a thin layer of cream for the first 3 days – reapply during the day if necessary
  • When showering/bathing & washing your face (3 days), wash your face as normal, just ensuring you are gentle around your eye area. After showering, gently wipe the treated area (damp cotton pad as above).  It’s important to keep the area clean. Once clean, pat dry with a tissue & reapply cream
  • Keep makeup and creams off the area for 5 days from the appointment. (moisturiser, eye cream, eye makeup, eyelash curler)
  • Anti-inflammatory tablets / painkillers can be taken AFTER the appointment to soothe any tenderness 
  • Do not rub. The less you agitate the treated area, the better result you will have
  • Days 3-5 – Crusts may start to detach/flake.  Treated area may look too light and uneven in colour now. This is normal
  • Do NOT pick off. Let it heal on its own. Picking will affect the result
  • Itching during healing is normal as new cells are growing rapidly. Do not scratch. If necessary, place a clean tissue over the treated area and pat gently


Day 10 onwards: 

  • Treated area will start to look really nice but possibly uneven. Your liner takes approximately 6 weeks to fully heal
  • Your liner WILL fade after each session (about 50-60%) and WILL require a touch up appointment to reinforce and perfect the liner. All permanent makeup procedures are a two-part process



  • There are no guarantees made as to the final outcome.  Your skin, lifestyle and aftercare play a huge role in your specific results. Everyone heals differently
  • Colour WILL fade/soften by up to 50%.  At the touch up we will reinforce any area that has faded too much
  • Please arrive with clean eyes (no eye makeup)
  • If you wear contact lenses, please rather come wearing your glasses. Make sure you also bring your sunglasses with you as your eyes may feel sensitive post-procedure
  • No alcohol/caffeine/exercise on the day of the appointment (prior)
  • You must discontinue use of any lash grow serums for 3 weeks prior to the appointment


No eyelash extensions to be applied for 10 days after each appointment. The procedure cannot be performed if you are wearing eyelash extensions.