Classic vs Volume


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Classic Lashes

  • One single synthetic extension is applied to one natural eyelash
  • Impact: Bulks up natural lashes, creating length and curl. More natural than Volume lashes


Volume lashes

  • Volume eyelash extensions (also known as “Russian Volume”) are a step beyond traditional Classic eyelash extensions
  • Multiple (super-fine) synthetic lashes are adhered to one natural lash in a fan shape
  • How is it that we can apply multiple lash extension to one natural lash? Even though we are using more extensions per natural lash, each synthetic extension is much thinner in diameter than classic lashes. This way we get a much fuller look (than classic lashes) but without overweighing your natural lashes
  • Impact: Fuller and fluffier than Classic lashes – focus is on adding volume rather than length


So which to choose?

Consider the following –

  • Is your main objective volume or length?
  • Do you wear a lot of makeup or are you more natural?
  • Have you had extensions before? Sometimes a newbie may be a bit uncertain, so I usually recommend starting with classic lashes. You can always start adding Volume lashes at later fill appointments
  • What is the health/condition of your natural lashes?
  • If you’re sill note sure, chat to me and I’ll help you decide