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Classic Eyelash Extensions

  • FULL SET: R500
  • 2 week fill: R250
  • 3 week fill: R300
  • 4 week fill: R350

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

  • FULL SET: R700
  • 2 week fill: R300
  • 3 week fill: R350
  • 4 week fill: R450

Please note that your lash appointment ends at the allotted time no matter what time you arrive.  To receive fuller lashes then you need to show up on time, with CLEAN lashes (or the extensions won’t last very long)                                                                                                                                                                                                      




  •  Anything after 4 weeks is considered a FULL set and will be charged at the full set price. Having regular maintenance is more cost effective to you.



  •  VERY IMPORTANT:  Book each fill when you have 75% of the lashes remaining – this differs from client to client so you have to monitor. Usually between 2-3 weeks.



Permanent Makeup

1. Lash Enhancer:

NOTE this is extremely subtle and created only within your lashes along the lash line. It gives depth to your lashes rather than looking like an eyeliner. For more traditional eyeliner options, see ”standard’ and ‘thick’ pricing below.
  • Top OR bottom lash enhancer: R700*
  • Top AND bottom lash enhancer:  R1200*

2. Standard liner:

  • Top OR bottom liner: R1000*
  • Top AND bottom liner:  R1500*

3. Thick/Designer/Shaded/Winged liner:

  • Top thick liner: R1200*
  • Top AND bottom thick liner:  R1800*
  • Top thick liner with thin bottom liner: R1600*

4. Eyebrows:

  • Hairstroke Brows: R1300*
  • Soft Shaded/Ombre style Brows: R1300*

5. Lips:

  • Full lips: R1700*



*6 week touch up – 50% of above original cost

*6 month touch up – 60% of above original cost

* Annual colour boost – 70% of above original cost

Plan and book your touch up appointment for 6 weeks after your first appointment

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